California has some of the strictest and certainly the most ridiculous gun laws in the country. Unfortunately, you are required to know what those laws are and how they pertain to you, in order for you to be a “responsible” gun owner in this state.

WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS and we DO NOT give legal advice, nor will we do your homework for you. That is on you.

That being said, Calguns is a fantastic resource for you and will help you become acquainted with any potential restrictions on the firearms you have your sights set on. The California Rifle And Pistol Association is another great resource. I suggest you spend some time with both, and educate yourself whenever possible. Here are some direct links.

California DOJ Roster of Approved Handguns 

Calguns Shotgun Flow Chart

Calguns Semi Auto Ban (AW) Flow Chart

CRPA Assault Weapon “Cheat Sheets”  <—– RIGHT CLICK ,  AND THEN CLICK “SAVE AS”

Calguns Handgun Ban Flow Chart Forums

DOJ (so called) Assault Weapons Registration