Law Enforcement


Boogaloo Tactical has an extensive list of Law Enforcement clientele.

We appreciate the fact that you put your lives on the line for us every day, and sacrifice precious time with your loved ones to keep our streets and cities safe.

To show our appreciation, you will enjoy a 20% discount on our transfer “fee” right up front. This only applies to OUR fee and not the DROS or taxes that are due. It’s the best we can do in challenging times, and we hope that this helps.

You will need your department ID, drivers license and proof of residency (vehicle registration preferred).

If you are purchasing a duty weapon, and wish to avoid the 10 day waiting period, we need a letter signed by your chief, on department letterhead, stating that this is a duty weapon. With that in hand, you can walk with your new firearm the same day you come to start the process.

References provided upon request. Your information is safe with us. We have family who wear the badge right now. We get it. Don’t sweat it.