We are an 07 FFL, specializing in precision firearms.


Boogaloo Tactical has operated in the city of Torrance since 2010.

We are here to help you acquire the firearms you are legally allowed to own in the state of California. Please take a minute and familiarize yourself with our policies to make sure we are a good match for you.

Do this before you decide to list us as your FFL by clicking on the “Start Here” link at the top of our page. Please read the “Considerations” and “Policies” sections COMPLETELY.

You agree to those policies by engaging us, so please make sure you understand them.

I realize we are not a perfect match for everyone. We do operate on a “by appointment only” basis which may be a challenge for some. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you need the ability to walk into a dealer with regular store hours, there are definitely other options out there. Our only goal is that if you do engage us, you feel like you spent your money wisely, and that you learned something about firearms safety and responsible ownership. I do hope we can be of service to you.

If we accomplish that together, we have both done our jobs.